TurboTranslations Terms of Service



1. Definitions

TurboTranslations.com – limited liability company (LINGY LTD), with its registered office in London W5 2PJ, Great Britain, 5 The Mall, entered into the Companies House with the following number 10191556, VAT ID: GB 258 8163 69.

Terms of Service – these terms of service.

Site – the TurboTranslations.com website available at http://TurboTranslations.com, or any other address being a continuation or supplement to this URL, as well as any address that may replace it.

Service – a fast translation service (standard, specialised, technical, certified translation, etc.), proofreading of a translation, proofreading of a ready text or any other service provided by TurboTranslations.com through the Site and provided online.

Translator – a person cooperating with TurboTranslations.com, performing the Service, translation service or proofreading service as well as any auxiliary services.

Translation – the finished translation or proofread text provided by a Translator or a Proofreader.

Client – an internet user with an account on the Site, and/or ordering a Service without registering on the Site.

Consumer – a Client being a natural person using services provided by TurboTranslations.com in the scope not directly related to its business activity or professional activity.

Application – software whose all property rights belong to TurboTranslations.com, used for ordering the Service, its provision and delivery of translations to the Client.

Form – the form located at https://turbotranslations.com/orders/new through the use of which the Client can submit an order (purchase a Service).

Payment Gateway – an external website (www) providing online payment services, such as Przelewy24, PayPal, Dotpay or other.​

Pre-Paid Account – the Client's account on the Site which can be charged with any amount, then used for ordering any Services from the Site until the paid amount is used up.

2. The use of the Site is voluntary and requires acceptance of these Terms of Service and the Cookies Policy applicable on the Site.

3. Each of the Clients of the Site is obliged to use the Services in a method that is compliant with the generally applicable laws, provisions of these Terms of Service, the rules of social conduct and good customs, including:

a) refraining from any activities that may make it difficult or may disrupt the functioning of the Site as well as the use of Services provided through the Site;

b) lack of disrupting the operation of computer systems, servers, network and lack of attempting to bypass the regulations and procedures applicable when using the Site, including interfering with the appearance and content of pages within the Site.

c) providing true personal data.

4. It is prohibited for the Site users to provide illegal content as well as to use accounts of other Clients, sharing one’s login and password to the Site with other Clients.

5. Proper use of services offered by the Site as well as correct display of the Site does not require installation of any specific software. In relation to the above, it is sufficient to meet the minimum technical requirements for use of the internet, i.e.: an Internet connection, a web browser in the version of at least Internet Explorer 8.0 (and later versions) and Mozilla Firefox in version 5.0 (and later versions); all web browsers should feature an installed and properly operating software for support of scripts, including JavaScript; Flash 5 (or later versions), QuickTime, Acrobat Reader will be required to display some objects.




1. The Service is ordered by pasting or entering text for translation in the Form available at https://turbotranslations.com/orders/new, or by sending files to contact@turbotranslations.com.

2. It is prohibited to enter any content in the Form that violates the law of the country in which the order for the Service is placed or the international laws, or that violates the rights and good interest of third parties, evoking racial, ethnic or religious hatred or promoting violence.

3. TurboTranslations.com reserves the right to rejecting provision of a Service if a text exhibits any content mentioned in item 2 above.

4. Translation Services are available through the Site, whose current list can be found on the Site, in particular the following Services:

a) fast Service of standard translation,

b) fast Service of specialised translation,

c) fast Service of technical translation,

d) fast Service of certified translation,

e) proofreading of translations and ready text.

5. When submitting an order, the time necessary for its completion will be estimated. Depending on translator availability and degree of difficulty of the text, this time may be extended by 24 hours, maximum.

6. The Client is obliged to ensure that the text to be translated is comprehensible and consistent, so that the translator does not have difficulties understanding it or its context. If a fragment is taken out of context, it is advisable to provide links to external files or web pages which might be helpful in understanding the context. Otherwise, TurboTranslations.com cannot guarantee that the translation will be fully compliant with the intentions of the author.

7. After clicking “Order Summary”, the Client is forwarded to the summary page of the order. At this point, all discounts are included and the Client can check the correctness of the entered data and then proceed with payment by clicking “Pay”.

8. Prior to placing an order, on the Order Summary page, TurboTranslations.com provides the Client, also being a Consumer, with these Terms of Service, Service specification and all contractual standards applicable within the scope of the Service selected by the Client. Furthermore, a Client being a Consumer will also see the summary of order conditions. The Order Summary should also contain the parameters of the selected service, agreement duration and amount of fee due for completing the Service.

9. When ordering the Service, the Client:

a) accepts these Terms of Service, and

b) declares that they grant their consent for TurboTranslations.com to process the Client’s personal details in the scope necessary for proper provision of services offered through the Site, and further grants their consent for sharing the data and entrusting its processing with other entities in the scope and for the purpose necessary for proper provision of the services offered through the Site, and

c) declares that they have been informed about the right of access to their personal data and the possibility of their changing, as well as the possibility of ceasing data processing and the possibility of submitting an objection with regard to data processing as well as the legal effect of such an objection. The above information can be found on the Site, and

d) grants their consent for receiving any information specified herein, as well as messages and commercial information, and a Newsletter to the e-mail address indicated when ordering the Service or by a text message to the telephone number indicated when ordering the Service, and

e) grants their consent for delivering bills or VAT invoices (if applicable) to the Client electronically. Such bills and invoices will be issued by TurboTranslations.com in connection to the provision of the Service offered through the Site, and

f) declares that the Client has been informed about the right provided for in the Consumer Rights Act 2015 to withdraw from the agreement as well as grants their consent and requests the Service to be provided prior to the lapse of the deadline for withdrawal from the agreement, having in mind that granting such a consent and submitting such a request will result in the fact that the Client will not be permitted to withdraw from the agreement according to the above principles, if the Service has already been commenced, and

g) declares that the fact of ordering a translation Service does not violate the rights of third parties to the source materials, in particular copyrights.

10. The agreement is concluded with the Client once the latter accepts the conditions for the Service proposed by TurboTranslations.com and once a payment is made for the ordered Service. The Terms of Service, Service specification and contractual standards applicable to the Service selected by the Client, being a Consumer are attached to the confirmation, and were provided to the Client and accepted by the same beforehand.




1. The payment to TurboTranslations.com for providing a Service will be determined at the time of ordering the Service and based on the current price list; that is, the price list applicable on the day of submitting the order by the Client. The price for a Service is calculate in real time, including VAT, based on the current price list and it is displayed in the process of ordering the Service. The price is calculated based on the word count in the text pasted or entered into the Form.

2. Payment for the Service is made before the order is placed, after proceeding to the Payment Gateway from the site summarising the Service order.

3. After proceeding to the Payment Gateway, the Client will make a payment for the Service.

4. Payments by online transfers are handled by a payment operator whose services are available within the Service.

5. In the case of charging the Pre-Paid Account, the Client will make a payment by a bank transfer and send a proof of payment to TurboTranslations.

6. If TurboTranslations.com does not receive the proof of payment, the Service will not be provided.

7. Once TurboTranslations.com receives a proof of payment, the Service is provided, and the turnaround time of the Service is counted from the moment the proof of payment is received by TurboTranslations.

8. The payment for the order is a form of prepayment, treated as an advance payment for the order.




1. After receiving a confirmation of payment, the Client's order will be forwarded to the appropriate Translators.

2. At the time the Service is accepted for execution, the Translator is obliged to begin Service provision (translation or proofreading service). Furthermore, the Client will receive an e-mail sent to the address specified while ordering the Service, confirming that the order was accepted by the Translator.

3. TurboTranslations.com has the right to refuse execution of a Service and withdraw from the Agreement on the provision of translation services concluded with the Client with immediate effect in the following cases:

a) If the text provided for translation by the Client is illegible in a way that arises doubts (illegible handwriting), and the Client does not provide sufficient guidelines so that the Service can be provided properly.

b) If the text cannot be translated within the period specified by the Client, (e.g. large volume of text for translation).

c) If the text provided for translation by the Client is too complex which generates the risk of inaccurate translation (e.g. complicated medical terminology).

d) If the text provided for translation by the Client violates good customs, or good interest of third parties under the law, or violates the provisions of criminal law or puts TurboTranslations.com at risk of bearing civil, legal or criminal liability in any way.

e) In other cases beyond control of TurboTranslations.com, that will cause Service provision according to the Client’s order to be impossible.

4. If TurboTranslations.com withdraws from the agreement, the Client will be immediately notified of this fact, no later than within 24 hours form the moment of the payment for the translation being credited to the account of TurboTranslations. All payments made by the Client will be refunded.

5. The turnaround time of the Service depends primarily on the length and degree of difficulty of the text sent for translation by the Client. TurboTranslations.com ensures that the number of Translators is sufficient so that the needs of every Client can be met in a short time If necessary, the deadline for completing the Service is determined by an arrangement made between a Client and Translator, with TurboTranslations.com acting as an intermediary. In the event when a complaint is issued and motivated by excessive waiting times, its grounds will be determined on the basis of the average time it takes to perform analogous Services within the Site, in terms of the length and degree of difficulty.

6. The finished translation is delivered by e-mail, to the address specified by the Client when requesting the Service.




1. The Client may set up a Pre-Paid account on the Site.

2. The rules of using Pre-Paid accounts are identical to the ones which regard ordering Services through the Form and without logging in, with the difference that the Client can charge the account with any amount which is specified in the Client Account for each charge value, which can then be used for ordering Services without the need for a separate payment made for each subsequent Translation.

3. The Pre-Paid account is created after filling out a brief form at https://turbotranslations.com/accounts/sign_up and after clicking the activation link sent by TurboTranslations.com to the Client’s e-mail address.

4. Using a Pre-paid account requires the Client to be logged into the account through the appropriate page of the Site, available at http://turbotranslations.com/accounts/sign_in

5. The cost of the requested Service is deducted from the Client's Pre-Paid Account every time a Service is ordered. The remaining amount to be used is always displayed upon logging into the account.

6. Payment to the Pre-Paid account is made by a bank transfer to the bank account of TurboTranslations.com, whose data is provided to the Client via e-mail.




1. Due to failure to provide the Service or its improper provision, the Client is entitled to making a complaint.

2. The Client will submit a complaint, according to item 1 above, within 14 (fourteen) days from the date when the Service was actually executed.

3. The complaint should contain the following information:

a) Client’s data allowing for identification;

b) name of the service offered through the Site, to which the complaint relates;

c) object of complaint;

d) circumstances justifying the complaint;

e) the requested compensation.

4. The complaint should be sent in writing to the address of TurboTranslations.com indicated in the Terms of Service, or to the e-mail address indicated by TurboTranslations.com as the contact address.

5. A confirmation of receiving the complaint for processing by TurboTranslations.com is sent to the e-mail address indicated by the Client in the complaint, within 4 (four) days from effective receipt of the complaint notification.

6. The complaint should be processed within 10 (ten) days from confirming receipt of the complaint in the method specified in item 5. The period for clarifying a complaint will not be included in the date of processing a complaint, if such a need arises, and it will start on the day when the clarified complaint was delivered.

7. In justified cases, the data for processing a complaint may be extended by further 14 (fourteen days) after notifying the Client with a message sent to the e-mail address indicated by the same, in the case the complaint will take longer than the standard complaint processing time. The provisions of the first sentence do not apply to Consumers.

8. If the complaint does not contain the elements specified in item 3, the Client will be requested to provide more details.

9. The complaint will be processed and provided to the Client along with its justification to the e-mail address indicated in the complaint.




1. Translators are obliged to keep the content of texts ordered for translation to themselves, regardless of whether the text is just a fragment of a document sent to translators prior to the Service being provided or the full text sent for translation by the Client. When the translated text is provided to the Client, the Client receives a non-exclusive license to the translation in all fields of use indicated in Articles 50 and 74 item 4 of the Act on Copyright and Related Rights.

2. TurboTranslations.com will keep the content of texts ordered for translation to itself and will ensure anonymity of Clients, i.e. will not disclose the content of translations or data of Clients to any third parties, except for translators, employees and co-workers of TurboTranslations.com in relation to providing the translation service.

3. The Client will have access to the completed order without time limits, though a link sent by e-mail or by the Client’s account, if applicable.

4. At any point the Client may ask to delete their orders from the server by sending an e-mail to contact@turbotranslations.com from the address associated with the order.




1. TurboTranslations.com declares that it will act with best efforts to ensure the users and Clients of the Site with the highest security level possible in the scope of protecting the Client Account, its content and the submitted text against unauthorised access. Any information about incidents that may create a risk in the use of the Site should be notified to contact@turbotranslations.com. Furthermore, TurboTranslations.com recommends that people using the Site have software for data protection, particularly antivirus software.

2. TurboTranslations.com will be responsible for failure or improper provision of the Service under the applicable laws.

3. Subject to the laws applicable in Great Britain, the Terms of Service and the Agreement on the provision of services, the liability of TurboTranslations.com toward the Client will be limited to the amount of loss and along with liability due to contractual penalties, it will not exceed the amount paid by the Client for the provided Service. The limitation of liability of TurboTranslations.com specified in this item will not apply with regard to Consumers.




1. Only a Client being a Consumer is entitled to withdrawal from the agreement within 14 days. A Consumer will have the right to withdraw from this agreement within 14 days without specifying the reason. The date for withdrawing from the agreement expires 14 days from its concluding.

2. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal from the agreement, please notify your decision on withdrawal to us by means of submitting a unilateral statement (for instance a letter submitted by e-mail). You can also use the template of the withdrawal form, but this is not mandatory. In order to observe the period for withdrawing from the agreement, all you have to do is submit information relating to exercising the right applicable to you, namely withdrawal from the agreement prior to the lapse of the period indicated for this purpose.

3. In the case of withdrawing from this agreement, we will make a refund of all payments you make to our benefit, including the costs of delivery of objects (except for additional costs resulting from the method of delivery selected by you, other than the cheapest regular method of delivery offered by us), immediately, and in any case no later than 14 days from the date when we have been notified of your decision on exercising the right to withdraw from this agreement.

4. A refund will be made using the same payment method that you used in the initial transaction, unless you clearly agreed upon another solution; in any case, you will not incur any costs in relation to this refund.

5. If you requested that the service provision is commenced prior to the lapse of the period for withdrawal from the agreement, you will pay the amount equal to the nominal value (in the price for the provision, without special deals, discounts, service not sold within a subscription) of the scope of provisions executed until the point when you notify us of withdrawing from this agreement.




1. TurboTranslations.com reserves the right to issuing separate special deal terms and conditions, the right to issuing separate terms and conditions for particular services as well as the right to changing the Terms of Service, with reservation of the provisions specified below.

2. Information about changes in these Terms of Service as well as issuing separate terms and conditions, will be sent to the Client by e-mail to the address indicated by the latter as the contact address.

3. Changes in the Terms of Service as well as separate terms and conditions will additionally be published on www.turbotranslations.com

4. Changes in the Terms of Service and separate terms and conditions will be valid after the lapse of 14 (fourteen) days from their communication so that the Client can read the said terms, according to item 3 above.

5. The Parties assume that the Client has accepted changes in the Terms of Service if the latter did not withdraw from the Agreement on the provision of services prior to the lapse of period indicated in item 4 above. The right to withdrawing from the Agreement on the provision of services will not apply if the change of the Terms of Service relates only to a service that is not covered by the Agreement on the provision of services, and which is unused by the Client, or if the change relates to introducing a new service.

6. For assessment of the rights and obligations of TurboTranslations.com and the Client not being a Consumer, as well as in matters not regulated herein or by the Agreement, the laws of Poland will apply.

7. The provisions of the Terms of Service will not violate the right of the Consumer resulting from the respective regulations that prevail with regard to the provisions of these Terms of Service.

8. TurboTranslations.com is not obliged to use out-of-court procedures for resolution of disputes with customers. Nevertheless, any possible disputes with Users will be attempted to be resolved amicably. The court that would solely apply for matters related to the business of TurboTranslations.com will be the court with jurisdiction over the seat of TurboTranslations.com, if the claim is submitted by a Client of the Site being an entrepreneur or if the claim is submitted by TurboTranslations.com against such a Client, or a Client or Translator whose place of residence is unknown. Any disputes with a User being a Consumer will be resolved by a common court applicable in line with the provisions of the laws of Great Britain.

9. Link to the ODR platform: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr.

10. The principles of collecting and using cookie files of the Site Clients are specified in the Cookie Policy of the Site which is an integral part hereof.