Written translations

Written translations, if done online, are usually connected with the translation of texts of emails, web contents, blog articles, business offers, game and applications descriptions, contracts sent by e-mail ... but not only. In fact, through the Internet you can order a translation of any kind It is enough to rewrite the text using a text editor, or scan the page with text you would like to translate. Simple, isn't it?

In the first case, namely having the text rewritten, you simply send it to be translated. It is even easier than you think because on such websites like the one of TurboTranslations.com there is no need to wait for a translation valuation. It is done automatically. Just paste or type the text in the appropriate box. In contrast, the scanned text sometimes requires being processed by a specialized software, and sometimes the valuation of such a text takes much more time.

Written translations are done by translators with the use of special programs that allow them to keep comparing fragments of the original and the translation. Each written translation is a large amount of work on the part of the translator, but in TurboTranslations.com we can guarantee that the translator will spend on the translation exactly as much time as is needed for the translated text to be consistent with the original and of a good quality. And not a minute less. And not a minute longer.

TurboTranslations.com is the easiest, the fastest and the most hassle-free way of ordering online translations . And our translators are experienced professionals, ready to take on the translation at any time of a day or night. You have it in writing!

If you need to translate your text into English, German or any other language ... feel free to order a translation on our website.