It's too bad, but no language is constant and unchanging. A translator of any language should be up to date with phrases and vocabulary. It is also said that a translator of a foreign language should read foreign newspapers and watch television in this language, all in order to have a real, practical contact with it.

It is worth mentioning that one thing is common among all translators - their job is not an easy one. There are different "types" of translators, depending on your needs: we distinguish sworn translators, audiovisual translators, interpreters and those who probably have the most difficult task - specialist and technical translators. The sad truth is that more and more people choose automatic translation services (the so-called translators), sometimes even trusting their capabilities more than those of human translators.

As the Homo Sapiens species, we often choose "the easy way out" by leaving our translations to computers rather than to people. And yet we ourselves belong to the latter group, we just too often forget about it. In such situations, it would be good to think and remember that a computer is just a programmed (literally) machine and, like any machine, it can break down, deteriorate and start making mistakes. Of course, no translator is good enough to stop learning and always be omniscient; still, translators do have contact with the real language, they can pick the right words for the right situation and, most importantly, if they happen to commit some mistakes, they will be able to cleverly correct them.

The idea of using the services of a translator is often associated with a long and troublesome process, which involves ordering and verifiying, communicating with the translator before we mutually decide to cooperate... and then there's the wait for the finished translation. These are just examples of the reasons why many people choose to use an automatic translator or "take on" the translation on their own. And in the age of the Internet, such actions are, well, outdated.

At, the process of ordering translations is super simple. Professional and verified translators are available 24/7 and start working on the translation right after the order is received. Thanks to this, the finished translation is sent to the customer's e-mail  address literally within a few hours. Like this, we have a way of competing with translators and translation agencies, don't we? :)