Translation of press releases

Press releases are fixed elements in communication between companies and the press or blogs. Writing a good press release and reaching with it the right people can work wonders for a product or service.

It's worth to spend some time on getting to know your "target group" - and I don't mean the recipients of your service, but recipients of a press release, ie journalists and bloggers.

Getting to know the recipients of your press release will make it possible for you to avoid the wrong choice of words and incorrect form or value of sentences. If you advertise an iPhone game, you don't want to use a language that is too official. If you promote a new service for lawyers, you can't use a language that is too casual.

When it comes to the length of a press release sometimes one sentence is enough, if the situation requires it and it is known that the information will reach the audience. Usually, however, the information should be concise enough so that it is possible to read it in a minute; any additional materials may be provided in attachments and links to a variety of media-packs.

If there is a description of a global product or service in your press release (or at least one that goes beyond the Polish borders), it is worthwhile to translate it into English . Such a translation should be professional and without errors. Therefore, it is worth to entrust the translation of press releases to professionals: the experienced translators who have translated more than one thing throughout their lives. It is even better if we can get a translation quickly - in the case of press releases, often being improved and corrected to the last minute, the time of translatating can be of great importance.

Fortunately, you can order a professional translation of a press release online on Turbo Translation website and don't have to worry that you'll need to translate the text after hours - why bother since professionals can do it for you at any time of the day or night?

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