Translation of blog posts

You write articles for a blog, create contents that reach hundreds, thousands or millions of readers ... Great! But do you know that you can get through to even more of them? It is enough to translate the blog entries into languages ​​other than Polish - especially English.

Over 25% of people in the world speak English to a lesser or a greater extent. Many of them use the Internet and read blogs. So translating the blog entries into the English you can potentially reach to at least a billion of new readers! Sounds impressing, doesn't it? Now think about how many readers you can get translating blog entries into several different popular languages. Perhaps there is a country where people love reading about the things you write? Make sure to check your entries and translate them into the language of such a country. Then the chance of success will be even greater.

Of course, the translation itself does not guarantee international success, but also writing a blog in Polish does not guarantee that you reach all potential Polish Internet users. Perhaps you reach up to 5% of them. Perhaps up to 1%. And what if we translate the contents of the blog and and we could reach even 0.1% of the 1 billion people? Why not - it gives a million of new readers.

The number of readers that you have depends on what you write about and how.. No one (or almost no one) does not like reading boring or poorly written entries. The same applies to the entries translation on the blog. If entries are translated poorly, written in a bad English, or simply they sound strange when translated into a foreign language.

Therefore it is worth to invest and commission translation of entries a professional, experienced translator of English . Such a translator that we have plenty of in Then you will be sure that the entries are translated well, and you can publish them on the blog (perhaps after having them verified so that you can check if the translation suits you).

Why to choose Because when publishing online contents such as blog entries, time counts. If you publish something in Polish today , for sure you would like to publish a foreign-language version of the entry the same day. No other translation agency could guarantee what we can guarantee you - the translation of one page of text for a blog in no more time than 3 hours. As a result, you also save time and those three hours you can devote to making the images to the article, refining the Polish version ... or just enjoying your free time.

Order a translation of the entries for your blog now!