Polish English translations

Contrary to appearances, translating the Polish-English language pair is not an easy job.

Try to translate into Polish the following sentence: "In 1952, with growth of the orange juice business in mind, Rossi purchased the Grapefruit Canning Company in Bradenton." (Source: Wikipedia). First of all, how to translate "orange juice business" into Polish? Should it mean exactly "business"? Something like "industry"? Or maybe there is some better way of expressing it? Secondly, should the name of the company be translated or not? Thirdly, can the phrase "in mind" be translated directly? Maybe there is some other Polish equivalent for this idiom? Such a short sentence, and yet so many questions ...

Will Google Translate come to our aid?

Not necessarily ... By using this automatic translation service (or translator) to translate to Polish, and then back to English, we get the following translation:

"In 1952, with the increase in orange juice business acquired in mind Rossi grapefruit Canning Company in Bradenton."

Such a translation leaves much to be desired, don't you think? We get a similar result when we try to get a direct Polish to English translation in the same way.

An experienced translator of the English-Polish language pair would break down upon seeing a text translated like this. Actually, not only a translator would do so. Such a translation is, above all else, totally incomprehensible. Especially if we are not familiar with the original text.

And the reader does not usually know how the original sounded. He relies solely on the translation. Whether it's Polish to English or English to Polish, we mustn't ignore the fact that some things cannot be handled by an automatic translator, or even by someone who knows English at an advanced level.

Translating from Polish to English and vice versa is the specialty of people who chose to translate for a living. This refers, of course, to professional translators of the Polish-English language pair.

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