Translating e-mails

These days, the speed of communication is crucial. There was a time, and to be more precise it was in 1558, when the Royal Mail was founded and formalized by Sigismund Augustus as a public institution. Thanks to it, a permanent postal connection using relay between Krakow and Vienna through Venice was developed. Beautiful times.

"The postal messenger set off from Krakow every Sunday morning, came to Vienna on Wednesday, and then left to Venice, where he was staying after seven days of travel." Ten days in the saddle with 100km made per each day? It sounds amazing, and both the rider and the horse must have been really good. The horses were surely exchanged from time to time in order not to overstrain them. Currently, it takes ten hours drive to complete this route. After the letter post, the time for fax had come. The invention of the previous century which is still very popular ... In Japan :)

Currently, it is mail which reigns in contacts which are immediate. We send a message and in one moment it's in the mailbox of the recipient. Therefore, the translator who will help us with the translation of correspondence is needed instantly. With the help comes our service,, which aggregates such translators in one place. These are professional translators ready to take the commissioned task immediately after receiving the information about the new text for translation. We've done many translations of various kinds so far. Both short and long. These were, among others, letters, websites' regulations, CV.

No matter which translation option we choose, and what translator, German or English, the commision goes to, it will be done quickly and professionally. The average time of translator's response (from paying to accepting the commision) is a little more than a minute. The time of the translation itself is positively suprising as well - the translator simply starts translating immediately after accepting the order, and will not go away from the computer before it's ready. So in the case of e-mail messages, consisting of a few short paragraphs, we can count on that the final version will be sent back to us in a very short time.

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