Translation from English to Polish

Translation means hard work, requiring years of learning and experience. Let's not forget that the the term "translating" does not only refer to translating texts, but also to interpreting or taking part in business meetings. While written translations seem much easier than spoken ones, they are actually far from simple. Especially the technical ones. With written translations, it is much easier to notice and point out someone's mistakes, since we have everything "in black and white".

Translations from English to Polish sometimes also seem like a hard nut to crack, especially to people who only know communicative English. In Poland, the most popular and sought after language is English. Customers, when selecting a translator or a translation agency, want the service to be of highest level, while minimising the cost. The current market is full of translation agencies or individuals - independent translators, translating from English to Polish.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the time and skills to master the language in which he/she needs to communicate. In such cases, translations are a must. English is also a highly distinct language, with specific ways of constructing sentences, inflecting verbs and, most importantly, with a lot of tenses. Examples include medical records, legal articles or texts related to the computer industry, where using a distinct, technical language, preferably with industry-specific vocabulary, is a must. In this case, the choice of the translator is very important. It can so happen that using just one wrong word completely alters the meaning of the translated article or text.

So if we want our translation from English to Polish to be really good, we need to find the right translator. This seems like a difficult task, but it can be made much easier by using websites such as