Translation vs. Dictionary

Each of us has a foreign language dictionary on their shelf. I remember my first dictionary. Often used at school, cracked, dog-eared. It accompanied me the longest of all other books. Now, I don't even know where it is. It lies somewhere deep hidden unused for many years, unnecessary. Why would I need a dictionary now if we have the Internet? Programs that make it possible for you to find the searched word in half a second. However, the dictionary itself can't translate the text that we read because it doesn't know its context.

It can't explain all the words that appear in this text. Set phrases, idioms. Only a real translator can communicate information and meaning of the sentence by arranging words in the correct order and formulating sentences. Translating a text is a complex process that allows to convey the thoughts and intentions of the author of the original text. Because the transfer of thoughts is what we care about most.

Usually, we need a text to be translated now, right away. With the solution come to us offering express translations. Thanks to a large number of translators ready to translate at various times. Yes, there were translations ordered at 1 am, and sent to the client at 2 am. Such an availability of translators as well as their experience are a big advantage of our website.

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