Professional translation vs. Google Translator

We always wanted to understand people who speak foreign languages - see the tower of Babel. Now, in the era of omnipresent computers and a very easy access to the Internet, we have possibilities that didn't even exist two decades ago Computing power and the development of research on the semantics of language brings us closer to automatization of many processes. However, the translation remains the human domain.

A full comprehension of a living language by a software (such as Google Translator), which is constantly evolving, is impossible - because of its volatility and ambiguity. It is possible to complete the task accurately only when translations are done by people who are experienced in the use of both the source and the target language. In, after our English-Polish, Polish-German or any other translator receives an order, s/he immediately accedes the task.

Due to the online contact, it doesn't matter where is the dwelling place of both the person placing an order and the one who is carrying it out. The only important thing here is that both of them have Internet access. As the complexity of the text increases (medical translation, technical translation), the experience of the translator and the ease of communication with him/her takes on greater significance. The text that we send to translation is often out of context, but thanks to an appropriate commentary it is translated correctly .

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