Professional Polish English translations

Everyone is able to tell an ordinary translation from a certified one. The latter has the translator's stamp and signature, which guarantees that the translation is correct and that the translator has seen the original document.

But some are not aware of the fact that the so-called ordinary translations are also professional translations. Just without the translator's stamp and perhaps reviewed one less time before being sent to customers, since they do not need to be 99% correct - they are usually 95 to 98% correct, which in fact means that they are like ones written by an everyday speaker of English, and a good one at that. Minor mistakes, such as a missing comma here and there, can simply happen to anyone.

But a regular, professional English translation can also be done in a way that guarantees its quality. It suffices if the finished translation is checked by a native speaker specialised in text revision - like a Polish language expert, just English. We could actually call this person an editor, since editing is the exact aim of this job - to improve the text in a way that makes it sound not only formally correct, but also natural. Like an editor correcting a writer's text. Believe us, even the greatest works of literature passed through the hands of many an editor. All for the sake of the final manuscript sounding good.

So a professional translation to English actually gives us about 97% confidence that the text will sound perfect - it is a few tens of percents more than if we tried to translate on our own. As the name suggests, professional translations into English are done by professional English translators. Thus, they are done quickly and efficiently, and the result is really good.

At, professional translations to English are done only by the best, specially selected translators; therefore, the percent value of confidence is higher than for translators or translation agencies we find on our own - and significantly higher than for translations ordered from a student of English philology. In order to translate efficiently, one needs years of experience, not just education. While we're at that, not every student of English philology is trained in the field of professional translations into English. It is a separate specialisation.

To be able to perform a professional translation to English, what one needs the most is experience.

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