PDF translations

Translating PDF documents is not always a simple matter. Mainly because not all of such files are saved in the same way and, therefore, the text cannot be automatically "pulled out" from some of them.

A PDF file created from plain text, without any images, is the best one to translate. It is because the program which assists the translator's work automatically detects text in the file and breaks it down into separate sentences which can then be translated and, without much trouble, properly formatted.

Translating a PDF file which contains many pictures or images with text embedded in them, or even has pictures for pages (for example, when it is derived from a scanned document or a picture taken with the phone), is a whole different story.

The translator who receives such a file is usually unable to obtain editable text from it, or can get it only with numerous omissions, mistakes and typos, which greatly hinders the translation. But a veteran translator can handle the translation of PDF files, especially when using the right software.

At TurboTranslations.com, we are not afraid to translate PDF files. In the great majority of cases, we can automatically calculate how many characters there are in the text to be translated, and then immediately give the price estimate for such a translation. Regardless of whether it is a PDF from an image or one from text.

All thanks to modern technology which detects text in PDF files sent for translation, and to brilliant translators for whom translating such files is not much of a problem.

If you need a PDF file translated - regardless of the kind of document it is (CV, a contract, an offer, etc.), be sure to try the services of our translators, who will translate your PDF professionally.