Polish German translator

What is the difference between a German to Polish translator and a Polish to German translator?

Unfortunately, there is no funny answer to this question, since translating is a serious business. But ... if you know the answer to the question "How many interpreters are needed to screw in one light bulb?", please write to us. If you submit a funny answer, you will get a 10% discount on your first/next translation (no kidding) :).

And now, seriously: A Polish to German translator is different from a German to Polish translator in that he or she specialises in translating texts from Polish into German. Less often the other way around. It is simply because translating from Polish to German is more natural to such a translator. This person is most likely a native German speaker, or has lived there long enough to grasp all the nuances of the language and know exactly what phrases to use, so that the translated text sounds good to those who had been speaking German since childhood.

It works exactly the same the other way around: Polish people feel more confident translating German texts into Polish. It is hardly a surprise; after all, they know the language perfectly and use it every day.

In fact, Polish to German, German to Polish or, more generally, German translators, use both languages ​​at least 5 days a week. This is why they know both of them perfectly. Some of them have their own preferences and will only translate from Polish to German or from German to Polish, while others translate in both directions.

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