Polish English translator

English and Polish or Polish and English translator? Contrary to appearances, this is not always one and the same.

Some translators specialize in translating into a foreign language and some translate into their mother tongue, and the latter is probably a little more. Because it is easier to master the style and the grammatical correctness of a language that the translator uses every day - not just at work, translating texts into Polish or English, but also in conversations with friends or going for a shopping.

Does the fact that someone is a Pole automatically mean that he or she is not suitable for being a Polish and English translator? Not necessarily. Many translators mastered the English language to such an extent that they often speak a better English than the Englishmen and the Americans do. There are also those who finished their studies abroad and those who now live abroad and inevitably English became their mother tongue practically. And such translators are among the best, because all the time they are in contact with the English language and its nuances, and at the same time Polish is still their mother tongue. Sometimes they are better Polish and English translators than the people who speak both languages since they were children or finished ​ linguistic studies.

The same is true the other way. There are English and Polish translators who know the Polish language better than many Polish language teachers and before handing in the translation to the client, they will check if the translation sounds good in Polish. A true English and Polish translator has to know not only how to translate a text from English to Polish word for word. He or she must also know how to deal with a lot of linguistic traps and ... where to put a comma or other punctuation mark. Contrary to appearances, this is not so simple, and we, native Poles, often have problems with this!

Not all translators share the same qualities, that is why any Polish and English translator or English and Polish translator has to undergo a recruitment process before being added to the group of translators in Turbo Translations. We immediately ask the translators what types of translations suit them best and then we check if the level of professionalism represented by our translators is satisfactory for us (and our clients, of course).

In TurboTranslations.com we care about the satisfaction of our customers and therefore ordering translations via our website is simple, fast and goes without any unnecessary formalities. Each Polish and English translator (as well as the translator of any other language pair) is obliged to take the translation only when he or she is certain to have appropriate qualifications to perform a quality translation and only when he or she can start working right after accepting the translation. As a result, the time to take on a new translation by the translator is about two minutes, and a ready, good quality Polish and English or English and Polish translation, etc., is sent to the client's inbox within a few hours (professional translation of one page of a text takes up to 3 hours) .

If you want to order a translation from English to Polish made by a qualified and experienced English and Polish (or Polish and English) translator, do not waste time looking for a translator's agency - order them just within a few minutes online on our website!