How to translate your CV well?

CV - Curriculum Vitae is your business card. It can be considered as the first contact that your future employer will have with you. Sometimes a long time before s/he meets you in person.

More and more companies with global aspirations require their workers to have a CV in English. It's particularly important to present yourself in your résumé using good English because the first impression can't be easily repaired; especially due to the fact that a CV or a cover letter with errors is usually the last contact with the employer.

It's best to start writing your CV and cover letter in your mother tongue, so that it has a good rhythm and reads nicely. Translating a cover letter and CV into English, where we pay attention to the professional vocabulary, spelling and local intricacies of the language, should only be the next step.

We know that translating a CV is not a simple thing. This is not a typical language that we use on daily basis; it sounds rather formally and maybe a little stiffly. We often don't know how to translate it into English so that it sounds professionally. Therefore, it is better to get help from a professional translator for whom CV translations are everyday routine.

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