Cover letter translation

The cover letter reveals a lot about you much earlier than the prospective employer has a chance to see you live. That's why it's so important to make a good first impression with a properly written cover letter.

The cover letter shouldn't be too long so as not to strain the recruiters' time. Writing two sentences, on the other hand, can be perceived negatively. The perfect cover letter is approximately half an A4 page long and contains a justification for applying for a specific position.

More and more companies operate on global markets and therefore, their first test of an employee is their ability to present themselves well in English. In practise, we write in English less skilfully than in Polish. So it will be better if you write your text in Polish first. Make sure it has a good pace and reads nicely (out loud!). When your cover letter is ready you can order its translation to professional transtaors - preferably using the fastest and safest option, that is Turbo Translation - solid translations available 24/7 online. You can translate your CV in the same way. :)

Our experienced translators will make sure that the translation of your cover letter is "tip-top" and that you will perform well in front of the prospect employer. Remember, though, to write a few tips in the comment to the translator, particularly: whether the cover letter is to be translated in the "american" or "british" way and in which tone it should be written. Some companies prefer more casual tone, and that's OK, but the translator has to know about it. Otherwise, the translated cover letter may sound too formal.


Many people have used our services to translate cover letters, and each of them is satisfied with the results. Because the customer's satisfaction is what we put first - yes, yours as well :).

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