Translations for startups

Startups are very specific creatures. These young companies characterized by rapid growth very often manage small financial resources at the beginning of their path and continually look for the best ways to transform these resources into paying clients.

The ever-growing number of startups begin their business adventure in Poland, though have global aspirations. Nowadays a global client is as accessible as a polish one and due to Google AdWords or others advertising networks it ceases to matter whether the company is located in Poland, Berlin or San Francisco.

The thing that unfortunately distinguishes startups from non-English speaking countries is the way English is used. We are well educated, speak English fluently and feel comfortable using it. However, to a person whose native language is English “our” English will seem a bit artificial and edgy.

That's why more and more popular are becoming such services as or, where the text not only can be translated (for a startup and many others) quickly and comfortably but also can be checked by a native spreaker who will evaluate whether the expressions used sound good and correct.

We know from our own experience how valuable is not only each dollar but also each minute of startuper’s time (especially if s/he wants to have a life after work). That’s why we prefer to write texts in Polish by ourselves and have them translated by professionalists – especially if the translation is in an affordable price ;). Thanks to that we can spend a dozen or so hours per week, the time we would normally have to devote to writing texts in English, on doing things more relevant to the company’s development.

You too don’t have to bother yourself with writing texts in English or worry about whether they will be written correctly. Just order translations of startups online! 

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