Online translations

There are plenty of things in the Internet that are worth to be translated. It also concerns your translation. Why do you have to be limited only to one language when ordering a translation done be the same medium for which it is created - the Internet?

But the Internet translations do not have to concern only the contents published on websites or blogs. The Internet is also about a communication by e-mail - and here it is: translating e-mails, trade offers, or contracts signed with a foreign company using a scanner and e-mail.

In the list of contents that are suitable for translation via internet are included all types of documents that we create in electronic form on the computer, but also those documents that are needed to be in a paper: the previously mentioned commercial offers, as well as translations of abstracts of theses and CVs and motivational letters. And, of course, longer texts such as short stories, novels, books ... or subtitles for movies and TV series. And even the descriptions and contents of mobile applications (and not just mobile). Examples are ample.

Nowadays - thanks to the Internet - access to a variety of contents is very easy, but unfortunately it is not the case of all contents the access to which differs. First of all, it is due to the language barriers. If you want to reach for foreign customers, partners and users we should "speak" their language. Thanks to the online translations such as we can order our translation of the text to any language and thus expand the number of our customers. Or just make sure that the translation is done well, by a professional, experienced translator.

Do not waste time on self-made translation of texts. Even if you feel that your English is OK, probably the translation will take you several times longer than it would take a professional translator. Especially if you will check it several times to make sure there are no errors. And you never can get 100% certainty ... unless you speak an impecable English and just as well or even better than the Polish :).

Translations commissioned by the Internet have many advantages over those commissioned a translation agency. The latter, even if ordered via e-mail or a contact form, take at least a few days (from the time of ordering a translation till the time you receive the finished translation). Even if the translation is only one page long (translation agencies are unlikely to accept a smaller amount of text, anyway you are told to pay for a standard page of translation).

In everything is much simpler and much, much faster. When you order a translation by the Internet, you get a real online order : without unnecessary e-mails and other paperwork. You paste or type the text you want to be translated, you confirm, pay and have a ready-made translation in your mailbox within a few hours (our translators need max. 3 hours to translate one page of text). And our translators are exactly the same people who often work as freelancers for translation agencies. When they work for us, they deal with the translation of your text almost immediately after you ordering a translation, regardless of the time of the day.

So do not wait and order the translation by the Internet now!