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"TurboTranslation is a website that enables its clients to make use of fast online translation services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."

Pierwszy Milion, Forbes


"For creating a truly useful tool that empowers, supports and connects the translators and clients, the Auler award goes to TurboTranslations.". Pieniądze


"Ultimately, we want to translate every European language to every other European language, while concentrating on local language to English and English to local language translations. Since Chinese is gaining a lot of importance in the business world, we will also - sooner or later - include it in our offer."

Anna Ryś in interview for Artura Kurasińskiego / AK74


"I recommend using Their online translator helped me with texts for my second blog You can evaluate the quality of the texts by yourselves. I like it :)."

Maciej Oleksy,


"Very interesting project. Everything is in the right place. Business model. The idea of the product. Marketing plan (by this one, I recommend to check the search potential using not the broad but exact search). The team that seems to know what it's doing. And the foreign benchmark, because the product functions in the same way as successful"

Marcin Kurek,


"In the time of ever-growing number of translating services, this service has pretty interesting and clearly defined USP (Unique Selling Proposition) – price, speed of translating and aiming partly at the market of short texts. A very good shot in the niche of the enormous market."

Łukasz Młodyszewski,


"Probably the best startup in the ranking. The product addresses the real needs of clients in a given time. It’s always an advantage. The mechanism is also simple and enjoyable to use."

Łukasz Parafianowicz,


" is one of those projects that I liked from the beginning. We can see that the idea is well-thought-out and aims to solve particular problems encountered by authors. I like that kind of solutions which make life easier and help others to develop."  

Krzysztof Wąsowski,


"I must say that I’m impressed with that how efficiently the whole service works.(…) I think that such a platform can be applied among businesses which have English versions of their information services and blogs. We can get a professional translation done by a verified translator at a low price."

Mateusz Nowak, Spider's Web


"We decided to create a product where you order a translation at a fixed price known from the start (a calculator instantly estimates the cost). Next, the text is sent to a base of verified translators and the first available translator(…)"

Paweł Nowak, (disclaimer: Paweł is the co-author of the service :P)



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