• Could you describe the process of ordering a translation and what exactly happens with my text during that process?

    You need to insert the text or upload the file which you want to translate, in the order form available on the page http://turbotranslations.com/orders/new. You select the source language and the target language. The price of the translation and the estimated time for the translation will appear automatically. If you wish, you can add a comment for the translator, which will facilitate the translation in compliance with your expectations—you can tell the translator what is the context for the text, how formal should the translation be, etc.

    Then, you enter your e-mail address and go to the summary for the translation. If everything is as it should be, then you select one of the available, secure payment methods (PayPal) and you pay for the translation.

    Your text is then sent to our professional translators and the first available translator (who has experience in translation of such texts) takes up the order within several minutes. A translation of 1 page of text (250 words) takes up 2 hours in average.

    We will send a confirmation of the order and, afterwards, the translation, to your e-mail. You can also view the translation on our website. If it is okay, then please accept and rate it—preferably give it 5 stars. :)

    Sign up for a client account, so that you will be able to order translations more easily, quickly, more cheaply, and to use other features which come with such an account!

  • Into which languages do you translate?

    We execute express translations which are automatically priced into over 50 languages. All language pairs, which can be ordered online are included in a drop-down list in the translation order form. Soon, we will be adding subsequent language pairs to our express translations offer, and currently you can order a translation into any language by writing an e-mail to: contact@turbotranslations.com. Such translations are individually assessed and we provide a price quotation for them within 30 min.

  • What kinds of texts do you translate?

    We do all kinds of written translations. We translate, for instance: e-mails, contracts, terms and conditions, CVs, websites, mobile applications, manuals, articles, blog entries, guidebooks, business offers, product descriptions... and even books. :)

  • Where do you look for translators? Who are they? Are they certified?

    Translators contact us on their own and we do not require them to present any certificates (although most of them have those), but rather experience as well as linguistic and translation abilities. This is why we always verify those skills very thoroughly before we allow a translator to translate our clients' texts. Obviously, such a qualification test is not everything—we are constantly monitoring the quality of translations executed by our translators for our clients in order to ensure that they are always of the highest possible quality. We also ask our clients about their opinion on the quality of translations which they receive from us and we have an internal ranking of our translators. Thus, only the best are entered into our active translator base and only the best stay there.

  • How do you execute quotations?

    Orders are quoted according to the number of words. During the order process the window on the right shows ongoing updates on the number of words and the quote for the order.

  • Will I receive an invoice?

    Yes. After paying for the order you can use the option allowing you to provide details for the invoice. The invoice will be sent to the e-mail address you provided within 3 days after the payment was made.

    You can also sign up for a client account in order to conveniently download collective invoices for the entire previous month or single invoices for each order/top up (you only need to provide the data once, in account settings).

    We will send the invoice to your e-mail address. You will also be able to download it from the panel, in which you can monitor the progress of the order (you will get a link to it in the e-mail confirmation of the order) or in the client account, in the order history and/or the account history tab.

  • I have not received the invoice yet. Why?

    It may take up to 3 days from the date of payment for the order until the invoice is issued. Whereas, if you signed up for collective invoices in your account options, they will be always issued by the 5th day of the month for the previous month. If you have not received an invoice from us within the aforementioned deadlines, please check whether our e-mail was marked as SPAM. If it is not in the SPAM folder, then please notify us about it.

  • How long does a translation take?

    We divide the translation process in two parts: the time required for the order to be taken up by a translator and the time spent by the translator working on the text. In the case of the former it is about several minutes. Usually during the day (8 a.m.–6 p.m.) the orders are taken up by translators within approx. 4 minutes. At other times the time may be extended to 5–20 minutes. Then, the translator starts working and the time required for the translation to be completed depends on the length of the text and its complexity. A reliable translation and verification of a text in the amount of one standard page takes our translators up to 2 hours in average.

  • How am I going to receive the translation?

    Completed translations are sent by e-mail to the address indicated during the order process. The message with the information on the completion of the translation will also include a link to a special webpage on which you will be able to compare the translation with the original, download the contents of previous orders, etc.

  • When can orders for translations be made?

    You can order translations at TurboTranslations.com 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The time required for our translators to take up the order tends to be slightly longer in the evening, night and during the holidays, but you can still be confident, that your translation will be done more quickly, than by any other translation office. Also, there are no additional charges for the non-standard time for the execution of the order.

  • What is the purpose of the “ADD NOTES FOR THE TRANSLATOR” field? What should I include there?

    While working on the translation, the translator needs context in which the text is going to be used. Frequently, the context can be drawn out from the contents of the text, however, it is useful to use the field to provide information which may not be obvious for the translator. This option should also be used if you want your text to be translated in some specific manner. For instance, if you want the translation to sound informal, then please make a note of it while placing the order.

  • How can I pay for the translation?

    Translations on our website are paid for with PayPal during the translation ordering process. If you order a large number of translations, the perfect solution for you would be to create a client account which can work as a pre-paid account (although it does not have to, if you do not want to). You only need to top it up with a selected amount and then you will be able to order translations without the need to pay for them each time, until the resources are depleted. Additionally, for each top up exceeding 100 EUR you will get a bonus amount from us to be used on translations.

  • How to pay with the card on the PayPal website if I do not have a PayPal account?

    The first payment method on the PayPal website is a payment with your PayPal account. However, below that is a second option which allows you to pay with a card without signing in or signing up for an account. You only need to select the second option and fill out the details required for a card payment.

  • What features does the account with TurboTranslations.com offer for me?

    A client account primarily means an easier translation order placement. You only need to top it up with a selected amount (each top up gives you a bonus!) and you will be able to order translations even more quickly by skipping payment pages. Also, you can view the history of orders/top ups in your account and download invoices for each order or a collective invoice for all orders/top ups from the previous month. Additionally, you can select your favourite translators (those, whose translation style you like best) and send your orders only to them.

  • Do you translate from files, e.g. Word documents, PDF, PowerPoint, etc.?

    Yes, but in case of PDF files orders should be placed via email, because our form doesn't accept this file format. Please contact us at contact@turbotranslations.com. You will receive a quote within approx. 30 min.

  • Do you execute sworn translations?

    Our translators are qualified to execute sworn (certified) translations, but we decided against executing such translations in the case of orders placed directly through our website. The reason for that is a long waiting time, the need to deliver the original text to the translator, and then to send the translation back to you. Also, quotes are executed differently than in the case of non-certified translations. If you need a sworn translation, you only need to send us an e-mail, a scan of the document or documents you want translated and indicate in which language pair the translation is to be executed, and when do you need the translation. Based on that we will be able to send you a quote. The executed sworn translation is sent as a scan. If you need the original, then please make a note of it in your e-mail. Then we will add the cost of sending the translation via post or via courier.

  • Do you execute specialised or technical translations?

    Yes. Since we have an extensive base of verified translators at our disposal, we are able to take up orders concerning a wide range of subjects. We have already executed translations concerning runway servicing, factory machinery, doctoral dissertations, cooperation agreements, financial reports, etc. Important: orders placed through the turbotranslations.com website are treated as non-specialised. If you wish to make sure that your text will be entrusted to a specialist in a particular field, please contact us first by sending an e-mail to the address: contact@turbotranslations.com.

  • Do you offer proofreading for translations or proofreading instead of translations?

    Yes. We have launched a service dedicated to the proofreading: TurboEdits.com. If you want to order a translation with additional proofreading, write an-email to us.

  • How should I know that you are trustworthy?

    We have carried out thousands of orders for hundreds Euro through our website. Our translators are the same people, who work for translation agencies arround Europe. We strive to ensure that our customer service standards are higher than could be expected of a traditional translation agency. In the case of any questions or doubts, please contact us via e-mail: contact@turbotranslations.com.

  • Are my documents safe with you?

    Yes. Each translator working with us must sign a confidentiality agreement between us and him or her. Also, we implemented protective mechanisms on our website, for instance encrypted file transfer, SSL certificates, e-mails, passwords and user login encryption, etc. If you have any questions with regard to security please contact us: contact@turbotranslations.com.

  • Can you guarantee that my text will be delivered within the deadline shown in the form?

    We are working on the quality of translations and the time needed for their delivery every day. The time displayed during order placement is an estimate, but it is an estimate based on tens of thousands of orders which we have already executed for our clients. Over 90% of our orders are executed before that time. If an order requires additional time, for instance for proofreading or a specialist needs to be consulted, we will inform you about it by e-mail.

  • What if I am not satisfied with the translation? Can I lodge a complaint?

    Of course! Our primary goal is the quality of translations. If you think that your translation was not executed with due diligence, you have 4 days (from the date of the execution of the order) to request that the text be amended or to make a complaint. You only need to post a comment on our website under the completed translation (using the same view in which you are able to assess the translation and to which a link is provided in the e-mail informing you about the completion of the order). Please be as specific as possible, in order for the translator to be able to consider it and express his or her opinion in that matter.

  • What could be the reason for me to decline a translation and get my money back?

    Such a reason could be, for example, grammatical mistakes in the translation, wrong terminology or if the waiting time for the translation was too long.

  • Do you have terms of service?

    The latest version of the terms of service is always available at http://turbotranslations.com/turbo-translations-terms-of-service.