Multilingual Instagram account. How to do it correctly?

by Mariola

Posted on October 31, 2018


Instagram is a social medium that is currently the most popular one among internet users. Everyone uses it and wants to use it in the best possible way: users aspiring to be influencers, brands or companies wishing to utilise the huge potential of visual social media marketing. The primary point of Instagram consists of posting photos and videos but it does not mean that you should forget about the editorial part: text content, stories, biographies – all the elements that connect Instagram with the internet. When speaking about text, we should also take into account the languages that will help us reach the user target. Below, you will find several tips on how to manage a multilingual Instagram profile.

What do you need?

Similarly as in the case of all other social marketing strategies, the stage of analysing and planning is of key importance. If your company already has an Instagram account and you think that you need a multilingual communication strategy, makes sure you check whether you have international followers and the countries they are from. For this purpose, go to the Analytics section in your Instagram account. You will find plenty of information that also relates to characteristics of your followers. If you don’t have an Instagram profile yet, hurry up and don’t wait any longer!

Difficulties of using Instagram

As compared to Facebook, on Instagram it is not possible to post translations and display a specific language version to users from different places of the world. Hence, to manage a multilingual company account successfully, there are two possibilities:

  • Using an account and writing posts and stories with translations
  • Creating a separate account for each country

The first solution takes less time and business resources but it has certain limitations. Due to the necessity of repetition, the text cannot be too long and two languages maximum may be used (e.g. English and Polish). This does not seem to be advantageous but it is worth appreciating the fact that internet users are often bilingual: in each case, posting content in Polish and English will contribute to expanding the group of potential followers.

The second solution is mainly applied by large brands such as Netflix, Samsung, Adidas etc. An appropriate account is created for each country and language. This option creates the possibility of studying particular advertising campaigns. If you’re operating on a smaller scale, you will only need two accounts – in English and in your local language where you can share posts and stories professionally translated (this is when our service, can come in handy ;) and not by Google Translate that often commits basic errors. The benefits of the second solution are obvious: simplified interaction with users and the possibility of managing precise advertising campaigns. Nevertheless, managing two accounts will be more difficult.

One more tip to conclude

If you want to manage accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at the same time, you can try using Hootsuite – a platform for handling social media collectively. It will help you in planning posts and stories and also in responding on various accounts, all on one administrative screen. Fees apply and amount from EUR 25.00 to EUR 599.00 monthly. Despite the above, this is an ideal solution for manging a multilingual Instagram account.