How to use local SEO

by Mariola

Posted on October 24, 2018


How to gain visibility online? This is a question that all companies should ask themselves, also those offering services associated with a certain geographical region. It may seem like nonsense but for companies operating in a given area, e.g. hotels, b&b, restaurants, shops with local products, gaining visibility in the Google search engine, and specifically results limited to a certain area, is becoming more and more important. When it comes to improving positioning in SERP (Google search results), activation of local SEO plays the key role as it is the process of optimising your website aiming at improving your position in search engines.

Let us start with what local SEO means in practice and how to activate it. It is a variety aiming at local SEO positioning and website optimisation. Its starting point includes all basic strategies aiming at increasing online presence: the task of the website is to attract users and hence, you should ensure good aesthetics of its profile, also in the mobile version, short loading time, usage of keywords in the proposed content, etc. (what can be helpful here is the Google Keywords Planner) as well as effective text, and preferably translated into several languages. But we will get back to this issue later on.

Another key tool for local SEO is the Google My Business, which makes it possible for all commercial categories of business activity to be located in a search engine and to manage the profile in order to establish relationships with users. Registration is very quick but it is later important to specify as much information as possible, such as the address and business hours as well as contact details. Furthermore, keep in mind that you should always respond to reviews and criticism. You can find a Google guide regarding the service here.

Positioning at the local level also covers management of pages in the best way possible, in such portals as Tripadvisor, Yelp and Foursquare as well as in other social networks. It would be perfect if you also used at least Instagram and Facebook. Specifically the latter is an integral tool for attracting users to your website, through sharing content such as articles regarding a given commercial industry. Besides well-through-out content marketing strategies, this is where content in different languages appears by creating a multi-language website, which will help in Google positioning, as well as using Facebook tools making it possible to share posts translated into several languages.

Generally, local SEO does not exclude optimisation at a global level. On the contrary, specifically for hotels and b&b, both strategies should be applied simultaneously. The goal is to attract attention of the biggest possible group or recipients speaking different languages and generating interest in a company that offers services in a particular area. If a tourist is looking for a craft shop in a given area of Rome, it is important for it to be visible on maps and for its website to be available in several languages.