How to use dropshipping on AliExpress?

by Mariola

Posted on October 10, 2018


AliExpress is a service with a huge range of products that you can sell online via the dropshipping method. The website adjusted to the dropshipping model, offers comprehensive services and competitive prices. Through this service, you can sell products without making a financial contribution, to test services and see what benefits you can gain.

Use of dropshipping on AliExpress is a great idea for starting sales online on condition that all parameters are set properly. When launching an online shop website without product storage, dropshipping is a big advantage. You will gain the most with your ability to acquire customers. Everything is based on marketing consisting of searching for end customers. Another skill that needs to be developed is management of customer service, which has to be perfect.

Sourcing products for sale at AliExpress

Sourcing products for sale is not as complicated as it may seem: just browse through categories on the website to find products that you like and that you will be able to sell. When searching for products you wish to sell, follow several rules specified below:

  • Do not use trademarks, fake products or imitations
  • Use epacket shipment which is free for you and also for the end customer
  • Choose products with a high rating (from 4/5), which is a guarantee of high product quality.
  • Choose products that were ordered at least 300 times because a product that is purchased frequently will be interesting to customers – this will make it easier to sell it.
  • Choose cheap products that ensure high profit margin, along with high-resolution photos and without trademarks or logo.

Introduce products to your online shop

This is the decisive step. After finding your field of interest and supplier, add the products of your choice to the online shop. It is necessary to take into account many important details: specify the shipping time, create a unique product description (do not copy the supplier’s descriptions), or you can request a translation service for the original descriptions using a reliable translation company because the supplier’s translations may not ensure good quality.

Pick the keywords carefully and mark products properly – this will be decisive in the success of your business!

Access to free delivery is a huge benefit! Define the appropriate product prices and ensure that your online shop is user friendly. You can also use an application for managing orders or customer service, which is also an important advantage that you have to utilise to develop and win with your competition.

After configuring all products, start using AliExpress to implement dropshipping. This is the easiest part of the entire process. Redirect orders to suppliers or place orders directly at suppliers’ and ship them to customers.