How to increase sales on eBay?

by Mariola

Posted on October 05, 2018


eBay, with over 160 million active customers worldwide, has quickly become the key platform for online sales, for people offering new and used products online. Nevertheless, in order to conduct sales on eBay successfully, it is very important to prepare the offer in a proper way, similarly as in the case of Amazon.

How to increase the level of sales on eBay in the best way?

Think about your username carefully

Try not to use names suggested by eBay. Don’t choose names that may be offensive or may question your credibility. Just pick a username that sounds official and professional. This will enable you to attract customers and gain their trust.

Work on a good image quickly

This will make it easier for you to sell your products. The fastest method is to shop for products offered by other sellers but make sure they are products that you actually need. When you complete your purchase, write a positive review for the seller. In response, you should receive a positive review as the buyer. Collect as many positive review as possible. This will generate trust of your potential customer, who will consider you to be a serious and active eBay user.

Create detailed descriptions of products you offer

An item you are selling, must be quickly recognised with a proper photo and description. Spend some time to make the description brief and accurate. Think about translating it as well – when you export your product abroad, you will gain more customers.

Assign products to the appropriate category to gain visibility

Depending on the category, products are presented in different ways. This is why you should choose the proper category when creating an advertisement, to match the product you wish to sell. Such an approach will generate two benefits: you will be visible in the eBay search engine and the filters available in the search engine. Do not skip this stage because it will help in increasing sales. You can even complete a test and post the same product for sale in different categories.

Enter product codes

Product codes have been mandatory starting this year. When creating an advertisement, include the product code, which will make it possible to assign a product to the most appropriate category. This way you will make your product pages better, gain visibility on the market and consequently, increase sales.

Check what sells best at a given point

Go to the popular product and completed purchases pages. See what was sold and think why.

When you follow the above guidelines, you will certainly increase sales on eBay.