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Born in Poland, raised in Canada. Translator since 2005. Passionate about social media and marketing. Football (soccer ) fan and player.

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Multilingual Instagram account. How to do it correctly?

By Mariola

Posted on October 31, 2018


Instagram is a social medium that is currently the most popular one among internet users. Everyone uses it and wants to use it in the best possible way: users aspiring to be influencers, brands or companies wishing to utilise the huge potential of visual social media marketing. The primary point of Instagram consists of posting photos and videos but it does not mean that you should forget about the editorial part: text content, stories, biographies – all the elements that connect Instagram with the internet. When speaking about text, we should also take into account the languages that will help us reach the user target. Below, you will find several tips on how to manage a multilingual Instagram profile.

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How to use local SEO

By Mariola

Posted on October 24, 2018


How to gain visibility online? This is a question that all companies should ask themselves, also those offering services associated with a certain geographical region. It may seem like nonsense but for companies operating in a given area, e.g. hotels, b&b, restaurants, shops with local products, gaining visibility in the Google search engine, and specifically results limited to a certain area, is becoming more and more important. When it comes to improving positioning in SERP (Google search results), activation of local SEO plays the key role as it is the process of optimising your website aiming at improving your position in search engines.

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How to use dropshipping on AliExpress?

By Mariola

Posted on October 10, 2018


AliExpress is a service with a huge range of products that you can sell online via the dropshipping method. The website adjusted to the dropshipping model, offers comprehensive services and competitive prices. Through this service, you can sell products without making a financial contribution, to test services and see what benefits you can gain.

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How to increase sales on eBay?

By Mariola

Posted on October 05, 2018


eBay, with over 160 million active customers worldwide, has quickly become the key platform for online sales, for people offering new and used products online. Nevertheless, in order to conduct sales on eBay successfully, it is very important to prepare the offer in a proper way, similarly as in the case of Amazon.

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SEO of an online shop – how to translate product descriptions?

By Mariola

Posted on September 25, 2018


If you plan your offer of products or services to reach foreign markets, the key idea is to translate your website into the language of particular countries. What if your website is actually an online shop? What should you pay attention to so that it is positioned better in foreign-language search results?

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