Traslations of descriptions of applications for iPhone and iPad

In the Apple App Store there are already over a million applications for iPhone and iPad. Most of them have a description in English in order to be accessible to the greatest number of users. If you publish applications to the App Store, you should seriously consider translating your description of the application into the correct English. Thanks to a correct translation you will raise your credibility.

Having a description in English is useful not only in the App Store. It is also good to have a landing page for your applications with the content in this language, which increases visibility on Google and enables the Internet users find your application.

The third useful usage of the application's description in English is the possibility to reach the English blogs describing mobile applications. This can be done by using directories of these sites and blogs, or one of several PR sites dedicated to the developers of iOS application. Each mobile application developer should do everything possible to advertise their product, and doing a professional translation into the currently most popular language is the first step towards this.

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